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    Earthy Essentials – Here To Promote Eternal Wellbeing

    We are a 100% Indian-origin brand formed with a vision to offer pure and premium beauty & wellness products. Our customers trust us for our potent formulas infused with natural active ingredients that suit all skin and hair types and help to fight various concerns. We strongly believe in the remedies that are built on natural substances such as plants, flowers, and their extracts. These ingredients easily adapt to the natural habitat of our skin and hair plus these formulas are tried and tested to flush out the harmful toxins from our bodies. And that’s how we deliver products packed with rich nutrition and balancing properties to achieve our goal of eternal wellbeing.

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    The 4 E’s in our logo stand for the four pillars of our brand.


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    Explore our extensive range of beauty and wellness products that are created to cure the various concerns and enhance your natural beauty. This includes face wash, face creams, toner, body lotions, soaps, and shampoos that are gender-neutral and suit various skin and hair types.

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