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    It's The Season – To Change Your Beauty Regimen

    Here’s a beauty regimen to keep your skin and hair drool-worthy throughout winters.

    Winter is here! And so is your winter closet, but your clothes are not the only thing that gets swapped. Your skincare too needs to be changed with the changing needs of your skin. As the climate undergoes a transition so does our skin and hair making it flaky and dry. Basically, all it tries to tell you is that it needs more nourishment. And you got to give it with proper skin and hair care routine.

    With December almost approaching, we are exposed to frequent dry air and frigid winds making our hair dry and sucking the moisture and essential oils from the skin. This commonly leads to skin sensitivity making it red and irritated. And that’s a call for an immediate shift of your beauty regimen.

    But wait! Don’t go on an entire overhaul yet. Rather take time and study the changes your skin and hair undergoes, realize the needs, and then take necessary steps. Different people have different skin types and thus the issues are different as well. Although there are some take-care tips that always help to keep your skin and hair in good condition throughout the chilling season.

    Follow this winter beauty regimen to keep your flawless appearance in check.


    1. Moisture-rich routine is a way to happy skin

    The major route to healthy and glowing skin in winter is to moisturize. In case of super dry skin choose the best moisturizer for dry sensitive skin. Moisturize your skin in the morning, after facewash, at night, and more time. The drop in temperature and humidity leads to dry flaky skin and to combat that all you need is lots of moisturization.   


    1. Use beauty products made with natural ingredients

    Artificial fragrances can lead to drying out your skin even more and thus you need to switch to beauty products that are created using natural ingredients that will give calming fragrance without ruining your skin’s pH balance. A pH balanced face wash like Seaweed Face Wash can be your savior in the dry-n-rough weather.


    1. Vitamin C is a solution to most of your issues

    Vitamin C has magical properties to increase the production of collagen and new cells in your skin. This is how vitamin C lotion & moisturizer helps to keep skin hydrated and radiant naturally. Not just that but Vitamin C is a great source for your locks as well, isn’t that amazing? Using products made with ingredients rich in Vitamin C makes a great solution to most of your winter skin and hair issues. Just like our Red Aloe Vera range of skin and hair products that have 14x more Vitamin C compared to green aloe vera.   


    1. Include beauty products consisting honey


    1. Cut down on long hours of hot water showers

    We know what a relaxing hot water bath means in that chilled climate. But remember, hot water evaporates faster and strips off the moisture and oil from your skin. This causes damage to the natural protective barrier of the skin. Thus take short hot water showers, use moisturizing body wash, and moisturize immediately after bathing. 


    1. Give your locks proper moisturization

    Winters can be really harsh on your hair making it dry and prone to breakage. The best solution to this is making sure that you provide your tresses with enough moisture through the products you use. Trust Earthy Essential’s Black Onion Seed Shampoo that locks the natural moisture in your hair and promotes hair growth as well.

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